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Owner, Tim Wiesmore

Owner, Tim Wiesmore

In 2004 owner Tim Wiesmore became concerned with the overuse of pesticides and herbicides in the landscaping industry. Extensive research found that these chemically treated lawns were harmful to both homeowners and the environment. In response to this, T.L.C. Organic Lawn Care was born. We use 100% natural organic materials that are great for your lawn and healthy for you!

Tim Wiesmore is a N.O.F.A accredited professional who was taught by the leaders of the organic industry. His focus is on building healthy soil that teams with living things. Tim understands soil biology, organic matter and how to enhance natural cycles in soil. He respects natural ecology and the long term health of the environment.

In 2009, Tim spent 2 days with Chip Osborne, regarded by many as a leading expert in natural turf programs. During this time Tim learned how to utilize a systematic approach to natural turf care rather than relying on products alone.

We're sure one of our 100% organic lawn care programs is right for you. We can even add lawn mowing to these programs to cover all of your lawn care needs! 



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